Summer is infinitely grateful to those that have contributed to her career thus far. She feels that dressage is a team sport and without the guidance, support and compassion of both the horses and humans around her, she would not have achieved all that she has.

Summer has always been a goal-oriented person. This is evident in her own achievements as well as in the success of her students. Summer’s current goal is to earn a spot on the 2015 Pan Am dressage team. Her life long dream has been to become an Olympian. With the help of her sponsors, friends and family, she will achieve this goal and many others along the way!

How YOU Can Help

Summer welcomes anyone interested becoming a part of the team! Sponsorship provides athletes with opportunities that would be otherwise unavailable to them and are necessary to their development and their success.

Sponsorship can be very rewarding. It can provide the sponsor with National and International exposure for their brand or product. Or provide an opportunity to ally your company with a successful individual held in high regard in the community, building brand trust.

Dressage is a beautiful sport and horses are wonderful animals. Being involved in an Olympic sport with so much to offer is rewarding in itself. ‎Sponsors can be involved as much or as little as they like but Summer is always excited to share her efforts and time with them.

Sponsorship can come in many forms. Athletes competing at the highest levels have costly needs. Whether it be providing feed, supplements, equipment and tack or assistance with covering competition, training or travel‎ expenses, your contribution will be valued greatly.

Summer is always looking for international quality horses to compete and help her achieve her goals. Sponsorship can also come in the form of the purchase and ownership of one of these horses, whether through sole ownership or a syndicate.

Please contact Summer to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

How YOU Can Help