Christian Garweg Clinic

April 14, 2014 by Summer

On the week of May 11th-18th, German rider, coach and trainer Christian Garweg will be returning for a clinic. The clinic will be hosted by Allessa Fisher at her lovely farm just south of Guelph in Puslinch. We are hoping that this beautiful weather will continue and that perhaps we will be able to be outside! If not, Allessa’s farm also has an almost full-sized, mirrored indoor arena.

Summer and young horse, Anastacia working with Christian Garweg

Summer and young horse, Anastacia working with Christian Garweg

I have been riding with Christian and organizing clinics with him for years now and we always have terrific feedback! Christian is a very enthusiastic coach who will no doubt put as much energy into your lesson as you do. His methods and training are very correct but his approach to the development of your horse and your riding skills is always creative and individualised. If you are having trouble finding the key to unlocking your training issues, Christian will get to the heart of it!

Riding and auditing spots are available and you will be able to book both through emailing me at Everyone is welcome! Please come and join us for a few days full of fun, inspiration and of course learning!

Please check Christian out at his website: